Anger Management; The Price and Pain of Anger

Anger Management; The Price and Pain of Anger

Anger Management; The Price and Pain of Anger


The Price and Pain of Anger


Anger can be an empowering emotion, it can motivate and activate you when you need to make changes in your life. Anger can assist you in making clean breaks and can protect your ego when you are most vulnerable. We can use anger to defend ourselves emotionally and physically; adrenaline rushes through your body causing a temporary surge of strength that we can use to get away or fend off our attackers. Anger can be healthy and productive; it is a natural and necessary part of the human experience and an emotion that needs to be addressed respectfully.

Anger can also be destructive, emotionally taking us to places where we need not go; it can be used as a vehicle to harm self or others and can be counter productive for our overall growth and well-being. We all know people in our lives with anger issues and we see the consequences; the isolation, the missed opportunities and the fear that others feel resulting in distancing in way or another.

The Price and Pain of Anger

One of the first steps in managing our anger is recognition. Each individual is different in how they express anger; common signs include tightness of the muscles, clenching of the jaw, shallowness of breath, shaking, a roar in your ears, dry mouth etc. as the body prepares to fight. After the expression of anger either physically or emotionally, clients report a feeling of fatigue sometimes stating that they are drained. This is the price of unchecked anger as it drains us of all our resources.

Sometimes, just the recognition that we are angry is enough to keep our emotions in check, sometimes we need to develop a plan to cope with our anger and negative emotional states; do you have a plan?

Anger management is a skill which we all need to learn from childhood. Anger management allows us to practice restraint and self-control while still addressing our issues effectively. Think back to the last  time you were angry and how you could have handled that anger in a more productive and efficient manner; make your anger work for you! Ask yourself if you need specific help with elements of anger management and what that help looks look.

If your internal self is asking for help with anger management, schedule some time for that in today. you are worth it.

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2 Responses to Anger Management; The Price and Pain of Anger

  1. JML Core says:

    I think the article on the price of anger is a good article and reflects the views of a lot of people today. speaking as a group who believes we suffers from anger how do you learn not to turn that anger on the ones you love when trust has become and issue. Most anger comes from confrontation with the unexpected and unknown, the fear invovled in these situation can confuse any individual into improper actions that causes those around the person to begin to question your repsonse. Again We repeat anger can be a result of the unexpected and the unknown, but anger can also be a result of deception, infidelty, financial hardship etc…. and the list goes on. I agree with HBS that any indiviual who is angry should have a program to help deal with that anger. Do you have any suggestion on how a angry individual should deal with anger stemming from some of the topics mentioned in this post or in any other indiviuals you may have come accross in your profession.

  2. inspector gadget says:

    at the top of the article it says hope and the power of resiliency. when it comes to anger are you suggesting you must adjust your anger to the situation. it seem as if you may potentially lump everyone with anger issues into one pile and not looking into what they are angry about or how there upbringing has trained them to deal with anger. most people with ager issues tend to be neglected, abused or down right insulted by the ones who claim they loves these indiviuals. is there anger a snap shot reaction to years of betrayal or with hope and the power of resiliency will they get some of the important life themes they may crave honesty, true love, and most importantly people who will not run out on them because they are not what they used to be or never became what they should have been.

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