Gratitude, Appreciation and Thanksgiving

Gratitude, Appreciation and Thanksgiving

This week is Thanksgiving in our area, a special holiday that has come to mean different things to different people. Regardless of what your personal feelings are regarding the Pilgrims and the First Nations, it is a wonderful opportunity to pause and revel in gratitude for this amazing journey called LIFE. When we founded our counseling practice, we made a conscious decision to focus on empowerment and solution focused behavior. These two elements contribute to a greater sense of overall life satisfaction. Recently I had a discussion with a friend regarding character and noted that no matter one's life circumstances we are all equal in two ways:

1. The way we spend our 24 hours each day.

2. The character that we portray to the world each day.


Gratitude, Appreciation and Thanksgiving

Gratitude, Appreciation and Thanksgiving

''Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him." - James Allen

Those two powerful realizations can change anyone's life. If it is easy to be a good person with more resources, why did Madoff steal the retirement of so many? If bad circumstances force us to be bad people, how did Ziggy Soul orphaned at birth and raised in abject poverty become a musical minister and champion of children's rights worldwide?

Appreciation and Thanksgiving?

Perhaps TRUE success has less to do with what we are given and is more tied to what we can give. Everyone has something to give regardless of circumstance. I am always grateful to the homeless Rasta that saved my mom from assault as a child just as I am grateful for the many that look over me as I do my work within my community.

This Thanksgiving, ask yourself "What do you appreciate in your life and what can you give  that will enhance your JOY?"

Appreciation and Thanksgiving


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