Autism Awareness; Hope blooms eternal

Roses for Autism

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Autism Awareness and Hope in our Community

Recently I came across an article about a family business in Connecticut, Roses for Autism that uses the services of Adults with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It speaks to the value of mutually beneficial cooperative economics. The farm had a need for workers, the workers diagnosed with autism had a need for a job, one where they could get direction and guidance with a little flexibility for their unique and (sometimes) refreshing view on life.

Voila! It seems to be a match made in heaven. Statistically, 88% of adults with autism spectrum disorder are unemployed or underemployed leaving them with lowered self-esteem and placing a financial strain on their families and their local community.

Autism Costs

Autism Costs

Working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder does not take a highly specialized skill set in my opinion; some people intuitively recognize that some of us need a bit more patience and repetition and are willing to give that little bit extra.

When you love someone with autism you spend a lot of time worrying about opportunities they will miss and things they may never do and this leads to great sadness and feelings of loss. We wrestle between being hopeful and being honest with our selves about what is practical. Today, I am choosing hope and I hope you will too.

Last week, one of the certified behavioral assistants in my practice successfully completed a football camp for local kids most of whom are NT (neurologically typical) some of whom are special needs. ALL kids need to feel good about themselves. The skill set is the same in football training and life in general; individualized care and attention. It's Karmic law; the extra that we give to others comes back to us in so many ways and makes this world a nicer place to live. That is one of the greatest lessons in mental health, sometimes life really is win-win.

If you love someone with autism (and we know you do), hope bloom eternal.

Football player with ASD


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  1. Rosa Belle says:

    Thank you, sometimes I it is discouraging to think about having a child with Autism and wanting the best for them, this makes me feel better:)

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