Counseling Archetypes

Counseling Archetypes: Game of Thrones and Therapy

Counseling Archetypes affect us on a subconscious level and they are everywhere. There are therapists that don't believe that cinema and biblio-therapy are useful; I fall firmly in the camp of those that feel that there is much that we can learn from the media including seeing glimpses of ourselves and people within our lives. Biblio-therapy is a safe way for us to vicariously explore our internal world. The archetypes and glimpses of ourselves raise our consciousness and allows us to process and practice (on a cognitive level) how we can handle these situations when they arise.

Archetypes also allow us to explore ourselves on an emotional level (our subconscious level) allowing us to identify and work through issues using the archetypes available to us in our world today. Jung's work on archetypes and the collective unconscious is well documented and is only the beginning of what we can learn about our selves and how we relate to our community/ society.

Last night's finale of Game of Thrones is replete with many of the "heart" issues which we face in our journey with our lives ex. We see the archetype of the "Wise Old Man" who counsels the headstrong and bull headed young warrior, advising him to take the path of least resistance and turn back as he has gone so far from what he has intended to be; the warrior acts against the advice of the his sage to his detriment. I take this as a cautionary tale to heed the advice of the elders (when the advice is worth considering).

Often I see the issue of the elders in our lives that are unheeded and our oppositional youth  (and adults) that revile the wisdom of experience. In therapy we practice behavioral rehearsal and processing this wisdom in session in the safety and neutral territory of the therapeutic space.

There are numerous themes of psychological interest in this show and I look forward  to processing them each and every time. I hope you do as well.


"Bull Headed Youth"

Counseling Archetypes help us develop insight into behavior.

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  1. Jazmine says:

    Absolutely, I agree. Much nicer to see others make mistakes and learn from them than make my own. We don’t have that kind of time.

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