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Counseling Contact - Therapy appointment

Holistic Behavioral Solutions is conveniently located at 2409 Pennington Road, Pennington, NJ 08534 (Close to Pennington Starbucks off 31S by the Denow Road Shopping Center). Office hours are by appointment which you can make online here.

The building is the VANGUARD  BUILDING, we are located on the second floor.

Holistic Behavioral Solution

Holistic Behavioral Solutions and Counseling Contact

There is ample parking in the back of the building, please enter through the back door and come up the stairs, the office is the first door on the left. We will do our best to guide you if you get lost.

We offer extended appointments throughout the week and welcome new clients daily. If there is a service that you do not see listed, please ask. Let the healing begin for you today. You may schedule an appointment here.

If you would like an appointment that is not available please contact us via email, clients are scheduled to ensure privacy. We ask that you adhere to this schedule and take note of our office policies listed above. If you have questions we can address these when you get into our office.  Our therapeutic contact helps to enhance your life, so feel free to bring in any notes or writings that would be helpful in your goals. We want you to feel validated, heard and understood; these are basic emotional needs.

Our office

Our office

At Holistic Behavioral Solutions, we are professional licensed therapists providing online consultations, in home and in office counseling and therapy for marriage, family, relationships, sex, addictions, spirituality, life transitions and so much more. We take a holistic approach to your health and well being.

You only need to take one step today and that step is a decision to feel better for you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make every attempt to facilitate you.

Holistic Behavioral Solutions

2409 Pennington Rd. Suite C. Pennington, NJ 08534

866-268-8014 (fax)

Contact Us - Therapy appointment

Contact Us - Therapy appointment

2 Responses to Counseling Contact Us

  1. Unfortunately, few college coaches or athletic departments know what anger management really is. The American Psychiatric Association has failed to recognize anger as an illness. Therefore, the counseling received by Coach Rice was a total joke.
    The most approach intervention would have been Emotional Intelligence Coaching for ”
    impulse control”.
    Last week I presented certification for Anger Management Facilitators in East Rutherford. Two counselors from Mercer County Corrections Dept. were in attendance.

  2. Tamara Pommells EdS. LPC. LCADC. says:

    George, two counselors from corrections is huge. As someone that has worked with the corrections population on both ends, anger management and therapy only become an issue after the fact i.e. when people are trying to do the clean up from some big incident. It would be great if our culture would actually focus on prevention rather than reaction or postvention. Thank you for your comment and I agree that Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Impulse Control would have been not only appropriate but beneficial. I wish Coach Rice the best and hope this opens up a dialogue for what needs to happen to train the athlete holistically.

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