Emotional Experiences that Heal You

Emotional Experiences that Heal

Are there defining moments? Maybe but sometimes these defining moments are a culmination of small healing moments. I remember being in grad school and doing a project on multicultural counseling; being interested in Rastafari at the time, I used images of a "traditional" session, white male therapist in suit and tie, legs folded in an office processing what his client was saying.

I contrasted this image with one of a "dread" in a healing circle just processing emotions with others that needed his help. Not surprisingly, none of these graduate students ever considered that the "dread" or culturally different image might actually be doing something therapeutic. Which brings me to what is on my mind ... at its root, psychotherapy is facilitating a corrective emotional experience which we all need from time to time. So before you go running for the hills or thinking someone is trying to shrink your head, ask yourself when was the last time someone brought out the best in you? Regardless of the package it is delivered in, that is therapy!

Emotional Experiences Heal

Emotional Experiences Heal


Therapy is allowing your best self to come out and  trusting your internal guidance system. These small micro-actions or corrective emotional experiences should bring you joy daily. Let's acknowledge that life is hard work but we shouldn't always feel that we are "working" at our lives. The goal is to feel connected and "plugged-in" with a state of constant mindfulness and that we are "in the moment".

Life is also about balance if we spend too much of our time in constant mindfulness we will not process the "tasks" of our day. So today, let us make some time to live, some time to think, some time to task and some time to bliss and if anyone give you a hard time with that, tell them your therapist said so and then send them here.

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  1. Fay says:

    Hmm..good question to ponder on? It’s easy to think of when someone has brought out the worst in you and it probably crosses our mind 80% more than asking ourselves when was the last time someone brought out the good in us!! Change in focus=a change in behavior=in changed me!!!

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