Emotional Support? Lucky you!

Emotional Support?

What does emotional support look like? It is a vague concept that few can accurately describe but it is an essential life tool for being our best selves. Emotional support can take many forms and can come from many places; Emotional support can be your boss, your family member, your friend, your co-worker. It can be the person at the store, the person in traffic. It comes from our community, our family, our work and from ourselves.

When you look at a struggling mother and hold upon the door for her with a smile, that is emotional support. When you correct a co-worker in private after the meeting in a way that emphasizes the positive and how they can do better next time, that is emotional support. When you tell your child that you are proud of them and love them everyday and that you need them to follow directions, that is emotional support. When you speak respectfully and give your full attention to your mate in small ways, that is emotional support.

Emotional Support

Emotional Support

No man is an island, we hear it all the time... but its tough asking for help, even when you know that you really need it, sometimes its hard to even realize that you need it. How humbling to realize that you really are human. Part of the human experience means saying "I'm flawed". When you need emotional support, it is alright to say "I'm scared, I don't know how, I'm tired, I'm embarrassed. " Sometimes we can say "Show me how" and that works as well.


Emotional support and learning from failure

I've learned to embrace imperfection in that way, anyone that knows me knows that I have no problem falling on my face, I do it all the time and it gets better with practice. I'm lucky enough to have people in my life that can try to emotionally give me what I need when I need it. Sometimes it means they say "relax you're being too rigid" or " you need to do better and be better". I encourage people to fortify their support network because no man is an island. Emotional support comes in many forms in many ways but we need to be open to receiving it and be mature enough to ask for it.

What are some ways that you give emotional support and how do you receive emotional support in  your life?

PS. The attached picture indicates "SAWABONA" which is a common greeting among the tribes of northern Natal in South Africa and it literally means "I SEE YOU" As to say, "I respect and acknowledge you for who you are" In return people say "SIKBONA" which literally means "I AM HERE" as to say "When you see me you bring me into existence" - Breathing for Peace.

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  1. Trina says:

    I loved reading this because it can fit the “super woman” syndrome that many of us moms have become by taking on much to much then begin to make mistakes and your world begins to fall apart. Everyone thinks you have everything together so you feel trapped in your own mess and afraid or have too much pride to ask for help for fear of not being a good mom, wife or whatever!

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