Children and Family counseling

Children and Family counseling

Holistic Counseling For You

Holistic Counseling For You

Family counseling is the cornerstone of our practice. To that end, our clinicians train rigorously in children's counseling techniques such as play therapy and rapport building. We know how to tap to bring up those vibrations, and we work exceptionally well with teens as they transition into their adult years. The essence of the therapeutic relationship is rapport; children are discerning consumers who demand clinicians that are energetic and know how to build rapport with them actively.

Fortunately, we have developed a reputation for having a unique touch with children and teens. We see the family as a system, a single organism. The family system that you desire is within your reach if the family makes it a priority. To that end, we are clear about what each member brings to the group effort. Everyone in the family must have a stake in the unified family vision for the plan to work. We like to say that "everyone has to pull in the same direction for THIS cart to move."

Family Changes

Sometimes family counseling happens as a result of challenging circumstances such as a divorce or death. Occasionally,  we struggle with behavioral issues in school or within the community. Family counseling helps to improve communication in the family system and support all members to feel heard. For some children and families, it is a place to come where they can say whatever they want in a non-judgemental space. Other family members enjoy the feeling of validation that comes with therapy.

Validation can be very empowering for kids who can feel powerless in this big world; some children have very little control over their lives. As a result of this lack of control, children can feel overwhelmed. Counseling helps to dump it all out on the table and sort it in a way that helps us cope. When we practice our coping skills as children, we strengthen our sense of resilience, and that makes the difference in our quality of life for the remainder of our lives.


Family counseling can help to bring harmony to your home.

Family counseling can help to bring harmony to your ho


Our practice is a human affirming, safe place where we help issues related to all aspects of family life including Autism Spectrum Disorder (which we refer to as "on the spectrum") and coaching for people with ADHD.

Living life on the spectrum brings its unique challenges, and it can be helpful to have someone assist with the strategies associated with an autism spectrum diagnosis. As a spectrum disorder, it can be hard to diagnose, and we refer children to Children's Specialized Hospital for evaluation in the Mercer County, NJ area if we suspect that they may have autism. If you love and support someone with autism, we can help keep the support consistent.

Similar to all human beings, people that live with autism may need additional social skills coaching or assistance with distress tolerance. Kids on the spectrum can be especially sensitive to sensory issues making it difficult for other families to relate to your experience. We are here to provide family counseling support and solution finding for you.

Family counseling and ADHD

Family counseling can also be used to address issues related to ADHD and its significance in family life. ADHD can be seen differently; we think ADHD can be seen as a gift with its creativity and movement. Our philosophy addresses the negative behaviors associated with ADHD. We use strategies to accommodate for the "disorder" and then we move forward to greater level of life satisfaction. To that end, we use family counseling as a supportive measure rather than something bad that we need to "fix."

ADHD is a medical condition with neurotransmitters at its foundation. ADHD is a common life long condition affecting 11 percent of our population. Many people live full and satisfying lives with ADHD including (reportedly) Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Justin Timberlake, Simone Biles, Channing Tatum etc.

In order for our ADHD loved ones to be their best selves, they need the support of their neuro-typical (NT) family members. Family counseling helps to find areas where we can support our loved ones and builds a neutral space where they can feel heard.

ADHD looks different for everyone and sometimes ADHD can lead to self-medication in teens and young adults. Sometimes getting a handle on the diagnosis is enough to help manage undesirable behaviors. We are especially sensitive to issues of self-harm, suicide and self-esteem. Children are at greater risk for self-harm as their frontal lobes continue to develop. Family counseling can address the issues of self-harm and self-esteem in a safe and judgement free space.

Holistic Counseling: For immediate assistance you may book a video/phone session here. Psychotherapy sessions may also be booked in our office.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to be well!