#Father’s Day, #Gratitude and #Opportunity

#Father's Day, #Gratitude and #Opportunity

This #Father's Day, let's celebrate! Let's express how we feel towards the men in our life; ALL the men in our life. Men in our community bring that masculine energy and sense of balance to our world. Let's show gratitude to our biological fathers, adoptive fathers, spiritual fathers, coaches, teachers, mentors, musicians, athletes, politicians (that means you Chris Christie and Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) and men in our community that share themselves with us everyday in small and big ways.

Father's Day; Celebrating gratitude and opportunity for the men in our lives.

Father's Day; Celebrating gratitude and opportunity for the men in our lives.

From the act of opening a door, to checking a tire, to teaching us how to do a spreadsheet, to teaching our boys to be men, Fathers are irreplaceable, we need them and we love them so we should show them that everyday.

Sometimes we don't think that we get the right father because they "let us down" . They may be unsupportive, neglectful or even downright abusive but let's reframe that. Father's don't let us down, they teach us skills that we need to learn i.e. independence, accountability, responsibility and a way out. We all know how a Father should be but if you are an adult, make peace with that "should" and feel gratitude for the opportunity to be YOUR best self despite your parents.

Once you are an adult, only YOU hold the key to your success. When you seek success, life fulfillment and deep satisfaction look WITHIN and build upon what you have learned. Children in this world are dependent upon their parents to take care of them and we owe these children the opportunity to be better than we are ourselves. Children deserve to be safe, free and encouraged. Like a totem pole, each generation builds upon the one before in our path to the heavens. Once we hit adolescence WE take responsibility for our life and where our path will go. Yes! adolescence is where we practice adulthood and begin to take responsibility for our actions.

Father's build out  totem poles to the skies.

Father's build out totem poles to the skies.

So this #Father's Day let's build that totem pole, reach for our dreams and celebrate the men that make life worth living.



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