#Good Therapy; Finding the one for you

Good Therapy; Helping you to find your own voice

Good Therapy; Helping you to find your own voice

#Good Therapy; Finding the one for you

Empirical findings (Beck et al, 1991) suggest that the quality of the therapeutic relationship accounts for almost 30% of client improvement on the counseling couch.

The change process is a journey into the self and one which needs a skilled provider. Good therapy can help you to overcome a loss or help you transition in a time of change.

Good therapy and mental health services help to prime and prepare us for the rest of our life and is just as if not more important than physical health as the body follows the mind it is said.

Some of the characteristics of a good therapeutic relationship include: therapist empathy, engagement in the therapeutic process, understanding and being understood by your clients. As human beings we communicate both verbally and nonverbally and an experienced therapist is tuned into both the physical and verbal language of the person they are trying to help.

Often people in need become frustrated as they are trying to find mental or emotional help, counseling and coaching. The right counselor can sometimes feel as difficult as finding the right life mate and sometimes the counseling relationship may not go as you like. If a client feels like as if it is not a good match, it is appropriate to talk to your therapist about this and give honest feedback- something may be getting lost in translation.

Many people see counselors everyday in an effort to become better people for themselves and their loved ones; the right counselor can have a tremendous impact upon an individual, couple or family's situation.

Good therapy means working with a counselor to:

  1. Identify areas where you feel weak or have need. 
  2. Validate your past experiences
  3. Explore the changes you want to make
  4. Practice and encourage that change
  5. Support the change process and maintenance of that change. 

Counselor skill and training is an integral part of the therapeutic process. We want our counselor's to be motivated yet have the experience of knowing when to push, when to pull back and when to carry. As I said to client recently "Yes, God does heal all wounds but thankfully He made therapists to speed the process."

About Tamara Pommells EdS. LPC. LCADC.

Holistic Behavioral Solutions is a community wellness agency, psychotherapy practice and mentoring program in Mercer County, New Jersey which supports individuals, youth and their families as they transition towards a higher level of functioning. Our team of practitioners adhere to a philosophy that values diversity and authenticity and validates the strength and experience of our client base. Services are provided within the community, in office or online for your benefit and convenience. Please call 609-752-3098 for services.
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