Holistic Counseling and Behavioral Services

Holistic Counseling and Therapy

Holistic Behavioral Solutions offers a suite of holistic counseling services to our clients based on your needs and our areas of expertise; these holistic counseling services include individuals, couples, family and group therapy in our office, in your home or in your workplace.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual treatment in a safe and confidential environment where you can explore what your current emotional needs are and how they can be met. Your therapist is there to listen and guide you to honor your authentic voice. All individuals that are seen work with a custom treatment plan to fulfill their current needs, we utilize a holistic counseling model which recognizes the many facets of an individual's life.

Holistic Counseling

Sacred Space

Couples Therapy

We offer holistic counseling to married and non-married couples who actively seek a better understanding of each other and self while in the bond of a committed relationship.  In our first session together, we establish the background for your concerns, and begin to explore a treatment plan that all parties agree on and can refer to once you agree to be discharged. Issues surrounding conflict resolution, healthy communication, trust, sexual intimacy, previous relationships, fertility and children will be examined while we work together to set specific goals.

 Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered to assist clients in improving communications throughout the family system. Special attention is placed upon the child-parent bond and acting swiftly in the safety of the therapeutic space to address issues that are particularly relevant to both sides. Holistic counseling for families means making a sacred space to share the thoughts and concerns of all parties.


Cyber-counseling allows a client to have access to therapeutic support from the comfort of home or office. Telehealth allows clients the freedom to go where they like and still maintain the consistency of the therapeutic relationship. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a Skype session or phone session as needed.

IIC Intensive Inhome Counseling:

Holistic Behavioral Solutions also provides In Home Counseling for those that are unable to come into the office, we have been providing this service since 2006, these are scheduled on a case by case basis.

Group Therapy

Group counseling is a powerful and valuable process for healing and growth, it allows the client to engage in both individual and social learning. Holistic Behavioral Solutions provides several therapeutic groups in cycles:

The Loving Our Aspies (LOA) group is designed to be a positive and caring space to release and heal following the diagnosis of autism or other special needs. It is appropriate to discuss diet, medication, therapy and IEP issues, exploration is encouraged and welcomed. Child care can be arranged with a trained behavioral assistant.

Strong Minds: Strong Bodies: Utilizing the best practices guidelines outlined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Holistic Behavioral Solutions offers a weekly substance prevention group for teens and young adults ages 13-19 with an emphasis on psycho-education to educate youth on substances of choice in today’s world. Youth will learn to build coping skills, practice refusal skills and build a greater sense of resilience to face their ever changing world.

Group therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool that helps to reduce isolation and provide critical support to those seeking to make lasting change. Group members must agree on the mission of the group and adhere to the privacy expectations outlined in the screening process. All participants must be pre-screened and registered; there is a 10 person limit for each cycle.

Additional groups and workshops throughout the year include:

Communication Skills
Stress Management
Elder Care/Caregivers
Single Parents
Dealing with a Medical Illness
Pre/Post Holiday Blues
You and Your Teen
Time Management

Holistic Counseling and Therapy

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