Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage and couples counseling is a special field which demands hopefulness and optimism. When our intimate relationships aren't functioning, we  need a huge dose of reality and proven experience to restore our bonds to where they should be.

The bond between lovers is special; Relationships grow over time to include others and this change in our life and priorities can get complicated.

In our practice we are NOT one size fits all, we are proud to be LBGTQI affirming and Poly friendly and have been so since our inception.  We help couples to navigate issues such as:

  • Conflict & Emotional Needs
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Open,  honest, respectful authentic communication
  • Money & Finances
  • Sexual Issues
  • Family of Origin
  • Intimacy
  • Infidelity & Trust
  • Infertility
  • Balancing Time & Priorities
  • Developmental issues such as child rearing and division of labor
  • Agreements and Expectations

Is Marriage and Couples Counseling for you?

There is an old saying in therapy that when a couple lies down, there are six people in the bed; we bring our past into every relationship; sometimes your past acts against your better interests.

Are you locked in a behavioral pattern with your partner? Is the pattern starting to feel old and resource draining? If you feel trapped or caught in a no win situation, couples counseling is for you.

Marriage and Couples Counseling:

The focus of treatment in couples counseling is on change!  We are always in a state of change and when we decide  to be active agents of this change we contribute to positive outcomes.  In our sessions we:

  • learn to listen to each other
  • support each others’ goals
  • are willing to compromise
  • make family and relationship decisions together
  • stop keeping score
  • reconnect, relax and have fun

All relationships are hard work. The greatest relationships are a reflection of the mutual interests and hard work that drive them. Couples counseling allows us to practice new skills and over time, this work gets easier.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage and Couples Counseling For a More Passionate You!

If you are looking at this, you already have begun to move forward. For more info on couples and marriage therapy, click here.

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  1. Jeremy T. says:

    Basically, as your article suggests, a couple’s therapist can help us reinvigorate the special bonds we might be losing due to the long years we’ve been together. That is something I am glad to learn as I think that will help our relationship grow stronger than ever. I’ll be sure to ask my wife if she’d want to give couple’s therapy a try. Thanks!

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