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Counseling Reviews and Testimonials

Counseling Reviews are important, they help people to understand the quality and style of the counseling service they are utilizing. Anonymity and confidentiality in sessions are at the foundation of our work and we have changed the names of the reviewers but the content of the review remains the same. We welcome feedback from all our clients as they help us to become better clinicians and service providers for you.

Counseling Reviews

Counseling Reviews and Testimonials are important for you to make a decision

*****Tamara is a great counselor! We thank her for her calm and sensible approach. We really gained a lot from our sessions---Alice

*****Thank you for listening and really hearing what I was saying. It is nice to work with someone that understands me-Richard

***** We learned some good tools about how to communicate and value each other. We learned to ask for what we want instead of assuming that my partner knew. After 20 years of marriage things felt stale and counseling revived me.- Eric

*****Counseling helped me to forgive myself and let go of the anger. My brother died and I felt alone, you helped me to feel a sense of peace that allowed me to move on. I can't express my gratitude in words.--Suzanne

****We are in a non traditional marriage and it was a sense of relief to find someone who spoke my language and worked outside the box. Tamara is the poly therapist for us.--Dante

*****From the moment I met Tamara, I felt at rest. I didn't have to worry in the session and she gave me homework outside of the session to ease my anxiety. I was sad to say end sessions but was satisfied with the work I did. Thanks again.

*****Tamara and I did not connect but she referred me to her colleague John and right away I knew that he was the kind of therapist that understood me and go to the core issues. The situation resolved and I was less anxious and more empowered.- Victor



Please Note: In keeping with the ethical standards of the New Jersey Counseling Association, none of these counseling reviews and testimonials were solicited. All comments were given freely during our work together. These are real comments made by our real counseling clients, names have been changed. These counseling testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these counseling quotes are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.