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Pay here with Paypal

Pay here with Paypal

The following are our promotional offers, rates and service fees, you can pay here with Paypal or your credit card.

If you are scheduled for an online session, please click the online consultation box and send payment via Paypal, we are verified.

Office clients! Sometimes you forget your checkbook, we do too. Ease your mind and take advantage of our Paypal system, we appreciate it and look forward to seeing you for your next appointment.

If you miss a scheduled appointment, you are responsible for the cost of the session and will not be seen again without receiving us your payment. Click below on your session fee and send payment via Paypal; your attention is much appreciated.

In rare cases, clients are out of town and need to a session via phone, you can utilize this option by clicking on the telehealth button. This is a complement to our office schedule and we need to block this time out for you with no interruptions.

Check the rate and service that fits you and please check out our promo offers. If there is a promo that might be helpful, please let us know.

EmotionalTraumaRecovery :

($275.00) ETR Trauma Recovery Session


NewClientAppointment :

($249.00) CPT code 90791


IndividualPsychotherapyAppointment :

($175.00) CPT code 90834


FamilyTherapy_Couples Counseling :

($199.20) CPT code 90846


BehavioralCoaching :

($140.00) Behavioral Coaching


OnlineConsultation :



GroupTherapy :

($35.00) CPT code 90853


TelementalhealthCheckIn :



BiopsychosocialAssessment :



BariatricEvaluation :


Webinar :




Forms of Payment: Holistic Behavioral Solutions accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and personal checks in office, cash is preferred. Click on the buttons above to pay through PayPal and indicate your session date and time as prearranged.

Rates, Service Fees and Flexible Spending (FSA)

We accept money orders,  personal checks, cash and credit cards via Square to be submitted at the conclusion of your scheduled appointment. Please indicate the date and time of your scheduled appointment in the comments section if you need a receipt for flexible spending reimbursement/ out of network coverage, a complete receipt will be available to you at the end of the session.

We offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments because we feel that all can benefit from proactive counseling and wellness; these appointments in combination with our promotions allow us to reach many of the members of our community that we seek to serve.

Paypal verified counselors

Paypal verified counselors

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