#PrinceGeorge; Royal Baby Advice

#PrinceGeorge; Royal Baby Advice

This week we celebrated the birth of Prince George, royal baby and heir to the British Throne. The world is thrilled. Royal baby George is already oozing cute and cuddly. The healthy size and appearance of the Prince George shows that mom, Kate knows how to take care of herself and her family. The royal baby solidifies the cultural legacy of a country but most importantly the now physical union of two people and two families forever intertwined.

Royal Baby Advice

Royal Baby Advice

The ritual of marriage happens over a period of time; we redefine ourselves throughout our lifetime and throughout our marriage. Once Kate was a Middleton, her mother's daughter and apple of her father's eye (along with Pippa). As she grew, she took on various identities and with the birth of Prince George, she is takes on the very important role as Mother.

Kate clearly is independent and well rounded but this new role of Mother is something that no one can ever prepare you for. Despite all the help she has surrounding her, she alone is in the position of Mother to the young Prince.

From one mother to another, here is "Royal Baby Advice" (PS If your child is a prince or princess in your house this is for you too)

Trust YOUR instincts; my daughter would have been born with a cord wrapped around her if I didn't trust my instinct and stand my ground with our doctor. This is someone else's job but ultimately YOUR child.

Begin as you mean to go on. As a fan of attachment parenting I cannot stress the importance of those first two years and how critical it is to bond with your son yet also allow him to realize that he sometimes he needs to self soothe. The hard part with kids is realizing when they need your help and when to back of so they can learn to help themselves. Independence is a critical skill which all kids need to learn. If you intend for your so to be an independent adult, allow him to practice his skills, give him the space to make mistakes and teach him how to overcome those difficult times in life.

Rest and go easy on yourself, raising a baby is hard work. Sometimes you will be mom , sometimes you will be wife, sometimes you will be a friend and sometimes priorities will conflict. Be prepared for that and make a plan that works. Allow yourself to make messes and show your son that no one is perfect and to aspire to that is a path to the unfulfilled self.

Set a rhythm and routine and then stick to it (more or less). Routine gives babies and families a sense of stability and normalcy. If the routine is too relaxed, children become fearful because they don't know what the boundaries are. If the routine is too rigid, the family system starts to lose its sense of spontaneity and fun; life becomes a chore and then every one's needs go unmet as they try to stick to routine.

Use essential oils and breathing to ground you and link you to your baby- he will always know that you smell like lavender (or clary sage, or vetiver). Your child will respond to you from the start, they know your smell, your sound and your touch. Nothing will soothe your child more than your presence (until they hit toddlerhood and then there is a communication issue:). Use a neutral indicator, a blanket, a smell, a family sound to get your child's attention and bring them back to you because as mother you are the center above all.

Everyone knows that breast is best but it is totally ok to supplement and do not let the holistic mafia make you feel bad, we are all built differently. The world can sometimes push into our families with their opinions and judgements. What matters most is what you and Daddy have to say as it is after all your child.

Prince George; The Royal Baby

Prince George; The Royal Baby

Having a new baby is a time of great joy and in their own way every child is a royal baby. With that decision to bring a new life into the world comes great responsibility, endless nights of worry and a stream of prayers and hope that will no doubt be fulfilled. Somewhere in the midst of all that we need to try to find time to slow down, take pictures and snuggle often as the day will soon come when snuggles from parents will no longer be en vogue.

Despite our circumstances, all mothers are equal in one way- We all have 24 hours to be the best moms and women that we can be and while we are working on that "small" task, let's have a little fun shall we?




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