Online Counseling

Online Therapy

Skype Therapy and Online Counseling

Online Counseling

Holistic Behavioral Solutions offers online consultation as an adjunct to the work that happens in our office. We are fortunate that many of our clients have successful discharges from our practice and go on to lead satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Note that online work is for consultation only and you must come into our NJ office for licensed psychotherapy.

Every fulfilled person has moments of doubts where they can benefit from a safe and neutral space to share their emotion and gain some perspective; for those clients that are already doing well, we encourage you to utilize our Skype sessions for a quick refresher.

Skype Consultation and Online Counseling

Online therapy is NOT appropriate for those in severe distress including suicidal thoughts, violent thoughts and psychosis (a detachment or break in reality, hearing voices, seeing things etc.) Clients in acute distress should visit their closest emergency room IMMEDIATELY and they will be screened at the crisis center where an appropriate level of care will be planned for you.

For clients with social phobia, social anxiety disorder and symptoms of anxiety, online consultation helps to teach you relaxation techniques and strategies which can help in fighting anxiety attacks and relieving symptoms of stress without leaving your comfort zone. Change happens one day at a time and we are here to support that change.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to online counseling and consultation:

Advantages Of Online Therapy

  • Online therapy offers access to mental health information to people in rural or remote areas, removing barriers and breaking through limitations. Sometimes we want to  talk to someone that is just in a different area than yourself, with online therapy,  you can be assured that you will not run into your therapist outside of  the office.


  • Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound, those that have a specialty niche such as addictions or loving more or those who prefer the privacy of their home.


  • Online therapy is usually competitively priced and the hours can be suited to accommodate your unique needs, if you do not see a time available, simply email here.


  • The Internet makes mental health information more accessible. People may feel comfortable talking to friends and family about health care issues, but may not feel the same discussing mental health concerns, you have total freedom to discuss your feelings and thoughts with your online therapist.

Disadvantages of Online Therapy

  • Most insurance policies do not cover online therapy.


  • Concerns about confidentiality, privacy and technology as sessions sometimes get dropped if this happens we will keep trying until we connect and work through any glitches. Privacy cannot be guaranteed unless you are in our office. Please note that online sessions are for consultation only.


  • Therapists cannot respond to crisis situations, if there is a crisis we rely on our client to go to the closest emergency room for screening.


  • Online therapy is not appropriate for those with serious psychiatric illnesses as indicated above.


  • Online therapy eliminates geographic restraints, making the enforcement of legal and ethical codes difficult. Therapists can treat clients from anywhere in the world, and many states have different licensing requirements and treatment guidelines, your therapist is dual licensed in New Jersey and adheres to NBCC guidelines and ethical requirements.

By booking an online session you agree to the telemedicine informed consent as outline on our policy page.