Emotional Challenges? Discover the solution

The Solution for Emotional Challenges:

We all have emotional challenges that we need to resolve at some point in our lifetime. We learn and grow in our life's journey as a result of these emotional challnges . Despite our circumstances at birth, we are all equipped to enjoy some of level of personal success. Personal success can be found in the way you view yourself and your contribution to the world. Personal success is wholly an individual and custom approach to the mastery of your life. Success is YOUR idea of what you want for YOU vs. what and how others feel that you should live and be.

Challenges often go ignored and unresolved for many people until our subconscious and private selves rebel and we act out in ways that cause harm to ourselves and others. This self-harm can be as subtle as consistently settling for less that what you are worth or as dramatic as addiction and suicide. At the root of all self-harm and self-sabotage is your vision of YOU and the YOU that YOU are committed to being.

Many of us often feel that challenges harm us. In solution focused therapy and counseling we encourage the position that challenges allow us to grow in ways that we ourselves cannot envision on our own (thankfully). Just as there are physical and mental disabilities, many of us often go through life with emotional disabilities that go unaddressed. These emotional disabilities often harm us in our intimate and vocational lives.



Emotional Challenges in Pop Culture:

Oh Johnny

Oh Johnny

Considering Miley Cyrus (entertainer) and Johnny Manziel (college athlete), we see two young public figures that have a well developed history within their respective fields. They have been successful and proven themselves competent only to watch that success be tarnished with negative behaviors. Miley, once an endorsement icon now sings about drinking and drugging (fyi dancing with Molly means taking pills). Johnny Manziel is a Heisman trophy winner whose legacy is now tarnished with the news that he may be selling his signature for college funds. A reputation is something that we can get quickly with one incident or perception but our character is the sum of who we really are and that is what we wrestle with daily. What happens when we consider and weigh our emotional challenges and come to an authentic conclusion? Does our character suffer? Does our reputation? Yes, we may get more tweets or views on youtube but how does that translate into our long-term longevity?

How we navigate our emotional challenges determine the depth and tone of our character. If you are committed to overcoming your emotional challenges, seek help for you today, aren't you worth it?

About Tamara Pommells EdS. LPC. LCADC.

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