Individual Counseling

 Individual Counseling

Individual counseling and therapy is offered in our office and online. We use a thorough diagnostic evaluation developed over many years of practice. Our treatment plan is customized for our clients and developed through a collaborative effort.  Our counselors find that individuals that seek treatment have a higher level of expectations for themselves; You may feel that something is not quite right; you may want and need more satisfaction in your life. We address issues related to:


Alternative lifestyles


Anger Management

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling and Therapy

Asperger's Syndrome

Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Behavioral Issues

Child, Adolescent, Family Issues

Couples Counseling

Coping Skills



Drug Abuse

Emotional Trauma


Oppositional Defiance



Self Esteem





Substance Abuse

Teen Violence

Workplace disharmony

We are a LGBTQI Affirming practice and take great pride in our unconditional positive regard for our clientele.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling and treatment with a trained professional comes with a guarantee of emotional safety and trust. In our office, there are no hidden agendas or motivations to manipulate; we have a sincere desire for clarity as licensed and trained professionals. At Holistic Behavioral Solutions, we have been trained to deal with the issues related to the human experience.

Individual counseling and treatment is an investment in yourself; a sacred space and time which allows you the freedom of expression with no judgments. In our counseling space we practice behaviors and process emotions to help you better manage life outside.

As licensed clinicians we assist in breaking old patterns of behavior and belief and help craft new strategies and a stronger sense of self. Together, we work on developing insight and increasing frustration tolerance, as a team we look forward to the greater sense of control and peace that signal that therapy has been successful.

Our counseling office is conveniently located in Central New Jersey. We also offer sessions online for your convenience. We have a proven track record for solution focused care using distance counseling. Sessions can be booked here.

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