#Robert Griffin III; #The Work of Marriage

#Robert Griffin III; #The Work of Marriage

This weekend Robert Griffin III tied the knot with his longtime love Rebecca Liddicoat and the world was cheering for them and hoping that they can do the work of marriage. There is something about this NFL rookie of the year and Heisman trophy winner that makes the world just sit back and cheer for him.

Robert Griffin III  presents himself as an authentic and likeable young man. Look closely at a high school or community field when you get the chance; see that kid out there in 100 degree weather sweating bullets but still giving it his everything? That is the spirit of RGIII and the work he puts in.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III; Making Marriage Work

When it comes to love and marriage we hope that this phenomenal athlete will also be a phenomenal husband and bring this dedication and work ethic to the work of marriage.

Yes, the WORK of marriage. When we first find that special someone, they set our soul on fire and we feel blissfully whole. We want to capture that love feeling in a bubble and make it last forever. Yet life intrudes and people change. No one tells us that we are supposed to change. There is no manual for life and love yet we change and learn and grow without realizing it.

If our partners do not recognize our change and change with us, the union suffers and we are lost in broken promises and unrealized dreams. Love is the "stuff" of life, it helps us to be better for ourselves and a good love supports your dreams and encourages your change.

Emotional Training

People go to the gym and work out their bodies, they go to school and work out their minds, they go to worship and work out their souls yet they neglect to strengthen their heart and work out those emotional muscles that need training. We know what happens when our hearts are untrained and relationships dissolve; Neglect eats away at the core of every relationship. To combat neglect we have to put in the work and train our emotional muscles.

The work of marriage

The work of marriage

First we start with healthy and positive communication that is consistent, loving and respectful.

Next we add a unified vision and mission statement complete with a structure around our union.

Finally, we add professional training as needed to assist our emotional muscles when they become weak and need strengthening.

This is a simple recipe of what makes marriage work but hopefully it will give us a place to start as we eat that elephant one bite at a  time.

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