Setting our intention

Setting our intention within this fast paced world

In my office, I often hear notes of frustration at the pace of life. Life can feel difficult sometimes; it is a tough business. It can be difficult to slow down and focus on how we want our lives to look. Sometimes we can lose our course. During the weekly therapy process we re-frame our circumstances in a way that works for us. In session,  we set our intention so we can move forward in our chosen direction rather than reacting aimlessly.

How do we set our intention to improve our life.

How to set your intention

Living life with intention is a structured process that requires us to "sign off" from the outside world and "tune in" to our authentic selves. We get the chance to look at what will truly make us happy in a sustainable way. I often encourage a "media fast" and make it a practice to do these often to reconnect in the physical world. I encourage daily time to meditate and visualize our desired outcomes which increases our frustration tolerance and helps to realign out vibrations. Sometimes life can go by so quickly that we look up and our relationships have faded or become damaged, and then we have to fight to get those back; at times, relationships become irreparably damaged and are forever destroyed. Often we mourn those destroyed relationships to the detriment of our current and future relationships.

Time to set our intention

When we live reactively, we rarely see the impact of our behavior on others. In therapeutic terms, we can be seen as having limited insight and our therapeutic journey begins by increasing our insight into our behavior. We can bounce back and forth from setting intention and increasing insight; overtime, those two therapeutic habits will reconcile outstanding subconscious conflicts within ourselves.

Many people find life hectic and fast paced while we move from activity to activity. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that it all works out; we harbor secret hopes for more. When we meditate and set our intentions we make the choice to use mindfulness to change our lives. Meditation and intention are some of the fastest ways to change our lives and move it in a direction that works for us. Do you want to be the master of your fate? Would you like to be the captain of your soul?


About Tamara Pommells EdS. LPC. LCADC.

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