Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many Americans have lost so much; the air is filled with a deep and heavy sigh which speaks to the fatigue and despair that so many feel after a major disaster such as this. As I drive through our area I see many signs asking PECO, PSEG and FEMA to get power, food and water to the residents of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that so desperately need it. As one woman put into words in NYC, at night there is no light and it is eerily dark and silent. For the city that never sleeps and for an area that is known for its fast pace, this is a  painful loss.

Surviving Sandy; Resilience and Resources

What can we do? I was tremendously touched to see the relief efforts of so many towards the Northeast, I watched Springstein and Sting raise funds along with logistical and practical application by local law enforcement and the tenacious staff of PSEG as they braved the ensuing ice storm which followed Sandy. Every person in the restoration effort is vital and important.

A huge thank you to all the people that are braving the bad weather in these harsh times to bring our community back to life. As I drive by in my car, I can only silently thank the men and women that are working in the ice storm trying to repair the downed poles and get heat and light back to our homes. I'm just grateful that my neighbor was able to share her extra firewood and that I still have a roof over my head when so many friends and family do not. Hurricane Sandy is only one natural event and I am sure there will be more in the future which encourages us to get prepared.

As I listen to the stories of those affected by the tremendous loss of the Jersey Shore, their homes, families and all they once held dear, it give a sense of perspective. As a community, we mourn the loss but we still rise to support our families, educate our children, worship in our faith, protect our communities and take a deep breath to rebuild as we continue Surviving Sandy.


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