National Boss Day Messages

Today is National Bosses Day, a day to reflect on the concept of leadership and how leadership influences value. Every organization, family, culture, entity must have a leader in place in order to grow and thrive. Sometimes, breakdowns happen when our leaders fail to lead and communicate effectively (such as in the current government shutdown now affecting the United States of America). Sometimes businesses grow by leaps and bounds based upon their leader and their leader's vision-just look at McDonalds for proof.

Thanks Boss

Thanks Boss

When Steve Jobs passed away, there were concerns about what would happen to Apple. When Martha served time in prison, there were concerns about what would happen to Martha Stewart Omnimedia. When companies are bought and sold, the public faces change and wonders what will become of their beloved companies, products and brands. These concerns emphasize how important leaders and bosses are in the creation, gestation and fulfillment process. At the root of National Bosses Day is the concept of people and the investment they make in our lives.

Part of being a great boss is having people willing to follow you and respond to your leadership style. This unwillingness and lack of communication can be alleviated if we stress the creative and solution focused approach of our experience. In using counseling strategies and techniques, we can reframe the "problem", step back and focus instead on the solution and what we would like to have happen. We all come into experiences with a lens and frame of reference, the wise person realizes that we all see through a lens and they learns to adjust their lens accordingly.

This National Bosses Day, take the time to acknowledge those people in your life that inspire you. When others have the vision for our lives and careers, we can support that vision by following and supporting those that lead and nourishing the leader that lives within all of us.

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